cookie making adventures!

so my friends and i decided that today would be a good day to make cookies. many shenanigans ensued.

i saw a recipe for s’more cookies on here, so my mom got the ingredients for us (along with some sugar cookie dough and LOTS of icing) so we could do something productive with our time

Exhibit A:

after using up all of the chocolate chip dough and some of the sugar cookie dough, we finally got a whopping grand total of 5 s’more cookies ready for the oven!

looks good so far

into the oven!

uhhhh looking a little deformed…

we’ve created monsters!!!!

oh god why

the final product. some of them kinda fused together to make a supercookie.
while waiting for them to cool, we started icing the sugar cookies (which turned out a lot prettier than these did).

and our final products!!

and these are mine:

a heart

a spiral

and the night sky

and now i think i have diabetes